Holy Cross Church, Slapton

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Restoration work

Holy Cross, Slapton has five bells, the oldest of which (no 2) was cast by George Chandler in Drayton Parslow in 1681. The sanctus bell dates from the same century. The no 4 bell was also cast by George Chandler in 1715, the no 1 bell in 1852 by C & G Mears, and the no 3 and 5 bells in 1889 by Mears & Stainbank.

Unfortunately, due to the condition of the frame, its position within the tower and the state of the no 2 bell, Slapton’s bells have not been rung for nearly 30 years.

A decision was made to make the necessary repairs and restore the tower to enable the bells to be rung once again.

This would involve replacing the current frame with a steel frame, replacing the no 2 bell and adding a sixth bell to the peal. White’s of Appleton are on standby to carry out this work, the Keltek Trust have donated a replacement no 2 bell and will also supply the sixth bell both from Kirkham Church . These are currently stored at White’s awaiting the renovation.

It is planned to keep as much of the beams of the original frame, the redundant no 2 bell and the sanctus bell within the tower for their historical value.

The considerable effort of Shirley Burrell in securing grants, together with fundraising by Spirit of Slapton and the goodwill of the villagers has secured to date over £30,00 of the £84,000 needed to carry out the works.

An application was made to Heritage Lottery Fund for the balance which was unsuccessful. It was decided by the Bell Committee to incorporate the tower and bell restoration into a larger scheme for the redevelopment of the church interior to incorporate a kitchen and toilet facilities.

There is currently a team of five very enthusiastic bell ringers based in Slapton who are learning to ring at Marsworth, and are looking forward to the day when the bells and tower are restored, and they are able to ring for services and mark special events in the village.

Please visit our website www.slapton-church.org

For further information regarding the restoration, please contact Rev Adrian Manning at revadrianmanning@gmail.com

See also: An article appearing in the Ringing World on 14th April 2017

Acting Tower Captain: judithclaresheridan@gmail.com

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