Holy Cross Church, Slapton

Location: SP 937 207
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Restoration work

Holy Cross, Slapton has five bells, the oldest of which (no 2) was cast by George Chandler in Drayton Parslow in 1681. The sanctus bell dates from the same century. The no 4 bell was also cast by George Chandler in 1715, the no 1 bell in 1852 by C & G Mears, and the no 3 and 5 bells in 1889 by Mears & Stainbank.

Sadly, due to the condition of the frame, its position within the tower and the state of the no 2 bell, Slapton’s bells have not been rung for over 40 years.

We are delighted that the funds necessary to repair and stabilise the frame have now been secured and the restoration of the bells can go ahead.

This will be undertaken by TLB Bell Hangers of Woburn. Having carried out a thorough survey, they plan to modify the existing frame retaining some timbers, while introducing additional beams and supports to ensure its stability. It will be developed to incorporate a sixth bell. All work will be carried out on site including tuning.

Finance has been secured through fundraising and grants. A bell to replace the no 2 bell, and a sixth bell have been supplied by the Keltec Trust. The no 2 bell, which cannot be restored, will be kept in the church together with the Sanctus bell.

If all goes well, work will commence in June. It is difficult at this stage to say when the project will finish, but we hope to start ringing again in Slapton for the new year 2022.

The committed team, the “Slapton Belles” are looking forward to finally ringing in their own tower, and marking the village’s special occasions.

Please visit our website www.slapton-church.org

For further information regarding the restoration, please contact Rev Adrian Manning at revadrianmanning@gmail.com

See also: An article appearing in the Ringing World on 14th April 2017

Acting Tower Captain: Judith Sheridan - Slapton@chiltern.odg.org.uk

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